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Biography: My name is Rae Kirk I am the proprietor of Rae’s Slemish Tours. I am a farmer’s daughter, born and bred in The Braid Valley area, at the foothill of Slemish mountain, a natural area of beauty.

I am married to Brian and we have been keen motorbike enthusiasts since our teenage years (a long time ago)! For 26 years we have travelled to many destinations on our Honda Goldwing motorbike and trailer. We have visited various locations home and away – kissing the Blarney stone in Killarney to Pamplona bull run. We have so many happy memories and stories about our adventures in the UK, Ireland and Europe but there is nowhere like The Braid Valley – a unique culture like no other!!

I started giving tours by accident when friends from Canada, Sri Lanka, England and USA came to visit. I take great pride in taking visitors to see our ‘precious wee country’ especially the nooks and cranny’s often forgotten. Coming home from sunshine filled holiday in Spain, the sights of Northern Ireland were spectacular – lush grassland, sea, mountains and magnificent countryside. I had a sudden flash of inspiration to showcase my homeland and Rae’s Slemish Tours was born!!

Let me give you an insiders outlook of The Braid Valley, the culture, the witty humour and endless off the beaten track places to visit.

The Braid is what you want it to be, without forgetting what it has always been; the future you have always wanted without forgetting its past

Lets go together and see it!


Rae Kirk

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Rae has graciously helped my family and friends tour beautiful Northern Ireland many times over the years. Rae is kind, witty and considerate. Her local knowledge of Northern Ireland is far better than any guidebook I have used. Rae is hospitable person and is very thoughtful, packing extra road trip supplies like: Biscuits (cookies), crisps (potato chips), water bottles and extra towels for those who just had to jump into the sea! I highly recommend Rae as a tour guide.

Northern Ireland is one of my favourite places in the world to visit! I know you will love it like I do! Its' beauty is breathtaking!

Andrea Muirhead
Regina, Canada
I have had the pleasure of being guided on two separate occasions by Rae to see the beautiful sights of Northern Ireland. Rae took me to many beautiful parts of the countryside but I particularly enjoyed the 'out of the way' paths and lanes that on my own I would certainly have missed.

I particularly loved Slemish mountain where I had time to quietly take in the breathtaking scenery of the green countryside. I greatly cherish my memory of travelling around the different parts of the Braid Valley.

These beautiful memories often inspired me to recommend my friends to travel to Northern Ireland and get in touch with Rae.

Raes fun loving and thoughtful personality, local knowledge, the chance to taste local food and meeting so many characters made me fall in love with the Braid Valley area. I would highly recommend taking a trip with Rae's Slemish Tours.

Rajmohan Ramanathapillia
I have known Rae for many years and regard her as a dear friend.
I live in England and each time I have visited, Rae has always taken me out and about to different places around Northern Ireland.

She is very warm and passionate about her country and each visit has been most enjoyable with all the knowledge she has about each place we have been to. I always look forward to visiting somewhere new as Rae always manages to make it so enjoyable and fun.

As a tour guide her knowledge and enthusiasm about places would be invaluable to any group of tourists. With Rae's experience with people and places she is a great ambassador for this lovely country.
I have travelled to many places around the world but I have to say the Irish people are some of the friendliest I have ever come across. Rae is a great asset to this lovely community.

Sue Parr,
As a young university student on a budget, I wanted to reconnect with my ancestry in Northern Ireland. Rae Kirk made my dreams come true. Rae took me to Giant’s Causeway, Slemish Mountain where I sat in St Paddy’s chair. We visited a traditional pub where I heard my first fiddle circle and Celtic singing and of course ‘Rae ordered me a Guinness (even though I just tasted the froth!!)

I visited Tom’s working farm with stone dykes as well as rode along with a farmer taking his wool to market! We walked over the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and even swam in the Ocean. I saw a lot of amazing sites and walked where my great grandfather’s people lived.

My best memories of Northern Ireland were the people who shared generous conversation and warm hospitality. Rae introduced me to family and friends, of which she has many connections. Rae knows the lay of the land, the places you must see and those places that you will only see with a local. Rae is friendly and well connected, when she takes you under her wing, she treats you like family!!

Sheena Koops,
Saskatchewan, Canada